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Welcome to  Belprato, a little colourful hamlet of Pertica Alta, called “the village of the painted houses”.

Composed of few houses, Belprato is a treasure plunged in nature, that is the main element of Pertica Alta. Belprato is a breath-taking destination thanks to its mild climate, to its position and to its gentle atmosphere. Moreover, its colours have been so strong and powerful to attract lots of local artists for centuries, such as Edoardo Togni, one of the most famous artist of the XX century. Indeed, plenty of his achievements are settled in this village. His paintings are so bright and evocative thanks to the power of the colours he used to choose in order to accomplish his works.

Nowadays, art is one of the main features you can find in Belprato because of an initiative launched in 2013 to make the houses of Belprato charming and impressive.

The heart of the village is the church consacrated to S. Antonio Abate. It houses several magnificent masterpieces achieved by local artists throughout the centuries. One of them was brought here from the church of San Bernardo, at a stone throw from the central building of Belprato. The church of Sant’Antonio is surrounded by two little squares, where you can see a soaring monument consacrated to the victims of the WWI and II. Behind the church you can find a small graveyard, separate from the church by a gate which date back to the XVIII century.